La Ciudad Perdida, Revealed

Reasons to smile this morning:

Awaking to Day 3, the most important of all, after surving Day 1 and Day 2. 

A different view of last night’s uninvited dinner guest:


Breakfast, as always.

Bernando rounding us up with the “let’s go!” we taught him last night, especially surprising given his quiet demeanor.

La Ciudad Perdida!

DAY THREE. 11.6 km/7.2 mi. If only our packs were this light all the time! Given our eventual return to the base camp for lunch, we take only what we need. The walk along the river turns upward as we approach the stairs leading to La Ciudad Perdida – all 1,200 of them. David and I are leading the group when we recognize the beginning structures of the Lost City. Per his suggestion, we wait for the others and continue as a group, silently following Bernando’s lead around a circle, coca leaves in hand, as we prepare ourselves to enter the city.


Bernando hands us coca leaves
After completing the circle, we place the coca leaves in the center


A house here, a prison there, a ceremonial site just beyond yet another set of steps, albeit much shorter, thankfully. Bernando shares with us the significance of the many rounded rock structures, or anillos, on which the indigenous people once lived and were buried with their possessions. When finally we reach the top, it’s truly a special experience. Above us are the young military men who keep watch over the site, and below, no one to spoil the view. We’re fortunate enough to have quite some time alone before the other groups arrive, at which point we leave to meet the shaman.





Bernando smiles!


We each ask the shaman one question

After a refreshing swim at the base camp, David’s confession of his love for Margarita over her always-delicious lunch, and one giant, black spider (size-of-a-face giant) in a bathroom stall, we begin the long hike back to the Wiwa camp. At one point, I try to touch one of two adorable baby pigs that, unfortunately, backs away from my love. Night brings us together by candlelight, and I [try to] fall asleep despite the chatter of the family behind us. At least they’re enjoying themselves, right?

Tomorrow, it’s a wrap. Completion, here we come.

Camp Paraiso, at the base of the Lost City. Beware the giant spider


These breaks cannot come any sooner
Extranjeros. AMIRITE??
Death drop
Final night’s lodging at Wiwa camp



Today’s Wiwa vocab as I remember it (not actual spelling):

meh-men-gwi – de nada, you’re welcome

zeng-zhe-gua-ron – muchas gracias, thank you

chwi-no-gwana – que me haga un favor, do me a favor

12 thoughts on “La Ciudad Perdida, Revealed

  1. What a cool adventure! Big NO to the spider though! I’m not normally afraid of them, but they are not welcome when I am using the rest room! haha

    1. Oh, you should have seen this one! Just nasty. Someone else found it, so I went to look. The two of us certainly would not be sharing the same space, especially not one that small.

      Also, thanks so much for the nomination! While I won’t participate (I follow so few people), I appreciate the recognition coming from a blogger like you :]

      1. No worries! I enjoy your blog 🙂 .

        Oh, it’s good you were not the one that found it! I would probably have a heart attack if something like that surprised me! haha

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