Weekend in Lisbon

Know what was my favorite part about traveling to Dublin for 6 days in November? Leaving for two! Don’t get me wrong, I still wish to explore Ireland, but with more warmth, next time. “So why’d you go during the cold and for so little time?” You ask. Fair question. I was visiting a friend during my wee Thanksgiving break, ok?! And the flight was only $234 round-trip or “return flight” as some may say. Round-trip makes more sense to me, but I digress. Said friend had the novel idea of visiting Lisbon for the weekend, so to Lisbon we went – with free loding! Free lodging – how? Connections, child. Hello, sun! For one day, at least. Better than nothing.

What an entrance, eh?
Tiled walls, tiled sidewalks… tiled food! Jokes.


Shots fired.
We beware-d


Oh, hello


Well, no. Especially not on this flier


I saw an almost identical image of this in a photo frame at T.J. Maxx. I had to look thrice
This one was salty, but when not salty, it’s good stuff
São Jorge Castle


Talkin’ bout a guest room!
We should have eaten more of these. Why did we not?


Bird bread. Bread bird


Different city, same concerns



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