Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

After studying in Costa Rica for 3 months, some students and I decided to visit our neighbor, Nicaragua, for a few days. We stayed in Granada, where we spent a lot of time just people-watching in el Parque Central. During one of our routine sit-downs, I looked around the corner to see something very special approaching. Granada was nothing like San Jose, Costa Rica. We’d seen a lot of things to which we were not accustomed, and she was no exception.

I paid $90 to get my film camera’s light meter fixed, almost twice the cost of the camera itself (on ebay), and while that old tank came back with a fixed light meter, it also came back with a faulty shutter curtain. So, instead of jumping off the wall onto the ground, this little boy is jumping right into a portal to Princeton’s sewage system. I hope he is well.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

  1. Oh goodness, the baby carriage is pretty darn creative and she looks comfy. As for the missing boy? I heard he is alive and well being treated to popsicles and a walk along the golden brick road. šŸ™‚

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