Peace & Awe at Holyrood Park

We were barely up the hill, and the views had already grabbed my attention. The more I looked over my shoulder, the more Edinburgh revealed itself to me, and I was in awe. As if the painted skies were not enough, I’d turn around to rolling hills of patched green and little people dwarfed by the landscape. We didn’t do anything crazy that morning except walk to Arthur’s Seat, but I still look back on that day with a most content smile. It is one of my fondest memories of my time in Scotland, and I have many a great memory from that trip. I must have gasped when we finally made it to the top, because I’d never before seen a view like that. I could hardly believe the colors, textures, and various layers of Earth, civilization, water, and sky before us – all of it so vivid. We realized that we’d taken the long way up when our descent was little more than a stroll, but we didn’t mind. There was such a calm around us, and a secret desire within us to just throw our bodies onto that soft grass. Without much thought, we did just that and remained there for the next half hour. If anyone needs an example of “at peace,” it’s lying in the grass at the base of a hill under a warm Scottish sun.















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