Exploring Chicago

From Minnesota to Illinois, we passed through Wisconsin, where we picked up some string cheese and postcards. We eventually landed (parked, I guess) in Lombard, a suburb about an hour outside of Chicago whose purple downtown area reminded me of a college friend’s similarly decorated dorm room.

The Friday post arrival, one of the girls and I hopped on the train from the Lombard station – destination: Chicago. We discovered that not all train stations have ticket booths or machines, in which case you just pay on the train when the lovely train man with the belt-o-change comes around to check tickets. Besides our one plan to visit some goat under a bridge, we allowed the day and our feet to take us where they wished.

In some ways, Chicago is a big city like any other – beautiful historic structures and museums alongside skyscrapers. On the other hand, its streets-turned-bridges set it apart from other big cities that I’ve visited. As we made our way toward Michigan Avenue, I couldn’t help but be the tourist that I was – camera in hand as I surveyed the river to my left.

The best thing about this place is its history
The best thing about Billy Goat Tavern is its history
...and its quirk
…and its quirk





Worth the purchase
If I had a dog, it would not be this privileged 

Exploring Chicago: Day Two

Cloud Gate
Cloud Gate

Art Institute of Chicago
Art Institute of Chicago
Thorne Miniature Rooms
Thorne created the objects in these miniature rooms using the same materials used to construct said objects in real life
Found them!
Chicago Cultural Center
Chicago Cultural Center

Navy Pier
Navy Pier

If I ever visit this city again, it will hopefully be in warmer weather.

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