Cold Minnesota

I have very little to say about Minnesota, and quite a few other places, really. Maybe on my next trip, I’ll learn the art of note-taking and reflection.

Oh, the snow! And lots of it. Unlike in Utah or Wyoming, where snow covered the distant mountains in picturesque landscapes, there was nothing special or scenic about the snow in Minnesota – it crowded streets and made parking difficult (typical snow in cities). I’m not at all a fan of cold weather, so I was not amused. We pulled into the state’s visitor center as we usually do, where a lady pointed me to some free Spam postcards (I asked for postcards).

So here’s a surprise. The Mall of America is in Minneapolis – this I did not know. In very simple words, it’s really big. Not just big – huge, grand. For some reason, I thought it would be bigger, though I’m not sure just how much bigger I’d like it to be – if at all. There’s an entire amusement park in the center, complete with a life-size Barbie house and other treats. And not only do they have a food court, there are full-sized restaurants – in the mall! This I’ve never seen before, so I was pleasantly surprised. But alas, a mall is a mall is a mall. After a few hours of running around, we were on our way.


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