When in Omaha

If ever in Omaha, Nebraska, here’s a place worth visiting – The Old Market.

We certainly did not expect anything special from Nebraska, but The Old Market gave us hope for this city and state. Many people living on the east coast – especially somewhere as populated as New Jersey and the surrounding metropolitan area – know very little about what lies west of our state(s). I sure didn’t! And even now that I’ve completed this trip across the US, the little snippets of exploration that I’ve been granted can hardly offer a detailed look at any of these places – not that I sought to offer anything more than a glimpse.

In any case, we were pleasantly surprised with this little corner of Omaha flaunting cobbled streets, specialty stores, art galleries, and more. On one side of the street, I swiped my hand across a plush carpet made of animal fur, and in the boutique across the way, I combed through the racks of unique clothing and handmade goods. Some stairs at the side of this shop opened up into a downstairs market with an art gallery, a few shops, and Trini’s Mexican Restaurant, where we rushed through a delicious lunch to make it to work on time. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to explore beyond that first street. Maybe another time?



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