Salt Lake City

Somehow, Trolley Square seemed much closer to the city center on the map than in real life. Since parking was free, we decided to leave the van there and walk. Somewhere between “hmm this seems far” and “oh goodness this is really far,” we could have and probably should have turned around and driven to the city. But no, the irrational mind sometimes finds it difficult to think of future gains (having the van parked at our final destination and thereby avoiding the long walk later) when a loss currently stands in the way (giving up on the time that we’d already put into walking half the distance). We walked 40 minutes to Temple Square. Unlike walking in New York City, where distractions are plenty and the concept of time gets lost in the bustle and quickly changing street signs, walking in Salt Lake City (to the center from Trolley Square) was a drag. Our time was limited, so that made its passing that much slower. In any case, if we didn’t realize our mistake after that long walk, we surely did later when we were racing to the car to make it to work on time. We were a few minutes late, by the way.

Unless you have special permission, you cannot enter the temple, but nothing stops you from observing it from across the pool. We spent our time wandering around the few corners of Temple Square, settling in the Nauvoo Cafe on the first floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. A long line formed behind us shortly after we arrived, and I can see why.

Do you see the thick slices of turkey on that delicious bread?

We spent the rest of our time in the City Creek Center – admiring dresses we couldn’t afford at Anthrologie and Free People and trying on those that we could, in H&M.



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