Passing through Idaho

A long, 8-hour drive stood between Kent, Washington and Boise, Idaho, in which we only spent the night in order to break up a would-be-longer-drive from Washington to Utah. The drive was void of many things interesting (as many of them are), except maybe the weird cloud patterns hovering over the dull land. And tumbleweed. Oh, Idaho.

Thankfully, there was an Applebee’s up the street from our hotel. For a state that grows one-third of the country’s potatoes, they were not very giving with the fries. There, we met Riley – our friendly waiter whose dark nails were no indication of his personality. He told us that he’d soon move to San Diego after only being in Boise for 4 months. There isn’t much comparison between the two places. Riley studied English and received an Associate’s in Musical Theatre. Actually, he was part of a traveling theatre group, playing the lead in Rent. Cool, eh? If we saw nothing else in Idaho, at least we met Riley.

We did see something else, however, on our way out the next day. Just when we thought that there was nothing interesting in Idaho, we passed the Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls. When we got out to get a closer look, we met a group of free spirits who would soon base-jump into the valley. They were preparing their parachutes when they invited us to watch. I would have loved to! But I was just one in a group of four, and we were on our way to lunch.


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