Seattle Locals

Throughout this trip, I haven’t had much opportunity to take photos of people in the streets, as I usually do. In Seattle, however, we walked past some interesting individuals that I could not help but photographing.

His hat has a face.

He said, “Take a photo of me!” When I lifted my camera to do just that, he retracted his statement. I took the photo, anyway. The next time I passed him, he was rolling marijuana.

If my friend were 40-50 years older, she would look like this woman – knitting and all.

My favorite Seattle locals, however, gathered around Ivar’s, a seafood restaurant along the water. We completely missed the restaurant portion of Ivar’s and walked straight to the outside stand, where we settled on a classic fish & chips meal with a side of hot chocolate. Hot chocolate isn’t the choice drink to accompany fries, but it was cold and I figured, “Why not?” As we ate, our seagull friends circled the deck, hoping to catch a fry or two. Feeding seagulls is encouraged, you know. We made sure to join in.


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