Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is everything one could hope for in a market, and more! You will find everything from food to handmade goods – giant bouquets of colorful flowers, silver rings encasing freshwater pearls, stones with positive words, etc. It’s chock-a-block with people and things pulling your attention in different directions. I stopped at a number of jewelery stands wanting to purchase several silver rings, but finally settled on one simple ring that sat so perfectly on my left middle finger.

Just when we thought that we’d walked through most of the market, we discovered stairs. Floor after floor, the market expanded southward, revealing even more shops.

And let’s not forget about the flying fish! The Pike Place Fish Market is world-famous, and very entertaining. The workers do a call and response for just about everything – people’s orders to more light-hearted happenings, like receiving a tip. It’s quite the show. There were so many people gathered, cameras in hand, just to see these guys and gal work, the most exciting part being the tossing of the fish. When someone orders, the workers take their stances, one ready to throw and another ready to catch. After an exchange of words, off goes that fish, landing perfectly in the arms of the other person. While it is fun for us (and probably for them, too) it doesn’t hurt to remember that they are, in fact, working.



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