Three Hours in San Francisco

What does one do with only three hours in San Francisco? You go to the Golden Gate Bridge, of course, and end off the evening with a stroll around and dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf – a  very touristy location with gift shops and seafood. That’s what we did, at least. I had a lovely shrimp and pasta meal at Cioppino’s .

I’d imagine that doing several things in San Francisco – mobile things – is a challenge. Driving alone takes quite some time because of traffic and, you know, HILLS. I have much respect for the San Fran locals who brave those steep streets daily – by foot, on bike, and in cars. One thing I didn’t see in San Francisco: The Full House row of houses! Well, maybe I did see it and completely missed it because I had some other image in my mind. We were on the street and all, but the houses eventually ended at not a park atop a hill, but another street allowing us to only go one way. Did we miss something?



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