Where’s the sun, Cali?

Pomona, California welcomed us with a lot of rain – one of the few times it’d rained in months. Just our luck! We were there for a day or two before our event in Corona Del Mar. The rain luckily gave way to a bright sunny day, so we took advantage of our only opportunity to make it to the beach. A trip to California would not be complete without some shore. Since we had an event that day, we only spent an hour and a half at the beach, but what a great time it was. We had lunch at Chronic Tacos, a small taco shack right on the main road. I had a burrito, of course. It was delicious, and the workers were very friendly. Sadly, this was the closest to the “California” experience that we were expecting – you know, baja hoodies and surf boards. I know that the coast is just one part of this very large and geographically diverse state, but rain and miles of farmland were never the first images to come to mind when I thought of California. At least we got a taste, right?


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