Empty Vegas Lights

I didn’t really give Vegas a chance, and I hardly took photos.

Las Vegas was never on my list of places to visit – I’m just not into that scene. I know there are other things to do besides drinking and gambling – shows and such – but those things exist outside of Vegas, as well. I’m really not sure what vision I had of the place before coming in, but I’d already entered the weekend with little interest in this glamorized desert getaway. Vegas had the opportunity to change my mind, but instead, I found myself walking over scattered escort cards on the sidewalk. And thanks, but no thanks, I’ll do without the ecstasy tonight, sir.

We spent a few nights in a hotel room with wallpaper from way before our time and an unobstructed view of the construction convention across the street. Who needs mountain views anyways, right? We had dinner at the Spice Market Buffet, an otherwise fine buffet if it weren’t for the two-hour wait time. We did, however, pass through Paris on our way there. I should have brought my camera – it was the only chance I really had for photographs. The view from the rail of the city’s lights against the pinks and violets of the post-sunset sky was certainly a scene worth capturing.

We went downtown and hopped from place to place, but it was a bit dead. We also missed that famous Las Vegas welcome sign. It could have been the time of year – we didn’t really stop through Vegas during its most popular time. There was a strange sense of desertedness amongst all those bright lights. By the time we made our way back to the strip, that, too, had died down. The topless, painted girl now wore a blank expression, and the few people that remained just stumbled across the sidewalk. I can live without another visit.


3 thoughts on “Empty Vegas Lights

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy your visit to our city. Vegas has plenty of scum on the sidewalks, passing out this and that and trying to hustle you but that isn’t the real Vegas. I’m sure if you came back for a few days stay, you’d find the city more inviting. Getting off the Strip and seeing the real Las Vegas such as Mount Charleston or Red Rock Canyon is great. You might like Red Rock Casino too, which is beautiful and where you will meet the locals as it’s on the other side of the valley. 🙂

    1. Hey John, glad to know that isn’t the real Vegas! The strip is the place that makes the most noise, so that’s all a lot of people know, myself included. If I’m ever on a road trip again, I will keep Vegas in mind – the real Vegas!

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