Pit Stop at the Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam. Right, there is such a thing. It’s a familiar term from Social Studies classes past, but I know nothing about the Hoover Dam. We were leaving Arizona when we drove across a bridge, dangling (not dangling, one would hope, but you get the point) over this giant valley. We had crossed into Nevada once we exited the bridge, but circling back to the Hoover Dam brought us back into Arizona, or something like that. We only stopped because we had to use the restroom. Sorry to downsize your purpose, Hoover Dam, but we had to go.

The dam is a giant structure constructed into an equally giant rock canyon. As we winded down the ramp to the dam, the bridge on which we came suddenly seemed higher and higher. It isn’t until you’re finally under it that you realize how high up you once were – it’s a bit scary. As always, we were only passing through, so we hopped out for some photos before continuing on to our final destination – Vegas.


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