Territory Folk Must Stick Together

Territory folk must all be pals!

From Texas, we drove to Oklahoma City, OK for an event, then back to Texas for the night. Needless to say, we had very little time to explore OK City. So little time, in fact, that we hardly found time to finish our overly priced, already-prepared sandwiches from Starbucks. About that. In trying to find some place to eat, we spotted what seemed like a cute cafe in town. It was Starbucks, which doubled as a gift shop because it was, hardy har har, part of a hotel. This I didn’t mind so much, because we crossed lunch AND postcards off our list. However, $11 for a cold sandwich and a postcard hardly seems fair. Oh well! We got what we wanted in the time allotted.

Before finding lunch, we landed in Bricktown, OK – population: few. It seemed like a nice downtown area, but it was so empty! Our global positioning system first brought us to a dead-end. That should have been the first sign. We ended up on this very quiet street, at the end of which sat a triangular-shaped bar. There was little evidence of human existence, aside from the few parked cars around. There was no one in the booth at the entrance of the parking lot across the street, but there were painted bison!

Everyone was in the bar, by the way. We stepped into a crowd of British and Irish men, making noise at the televisions – soccer game. Besides bar-goers and few cool wall paintings, there wasn’t much to Bricktown, Oklahoma – not that one could see in a half hour, at least.


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