HOPE and Austin, Texas

Austin. AUSTIN. I knew nothing about Austin before going, and now it’s one of coolest cities I’ve visited thus far. Who knew that this place was so artsy? So hipster. So hip. We passed several art galleries and funky colored places just driving through town. I liked this place, and I would like it even more.

High five to one of the interns for looking up attractions in Austin, because we stumbled on some great outdoor spaces. Well, it wasn’t much of a stumble as it was planned, but still.

Similar to New York’s 5pointz, a graffiti mecca once located in Queens (it will now be the site of condominiums), Austin’s HOPE Outdoor Gallery is a place alive with color. Walls of all sizes, situated on a hill, display works of artists near and far – all kinds of text and drawings, some serious and others not so much, come together to create this grand playground of art. There is no entry way – just one wide, open space along a road. A stenciled sign reads “HOPE Outdoor Gallery,” and the big, bolded words “LOVE NONSTOP.” cover a wall of their own, all the way at the top. Scattered throughout the gallery were blue garbage bins, a lot of which housed empty spray cans.

It was exciting to explore the grounds and climb over and through the walls. There should be more places like the HOPE Outdoor Gallery – those that, under the right guidance, give artists an outlet for expression and everyone else something worth admiring.

You can learn more about this wide-scale art project on its site. Thanks for sharing with us your creativity, Austin.


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