Citrus and Baby Gators

We’d passed the sign a couple of times along the highway. “Live Baby Gators,” it said. There was also something about oranges in there, because, you know, Florida. But the baby gators part certainly drew our attention. We had time, so we decided to follow the sign and exit to the Florida Citrus Center in Ocala. There was that sign again, loud and proud of its citrus and gators. There were oranges of all kinds lined up outside – tangerines, too.

I failed to capture the actual oranges for purchase, so here’s the display at the entrance.

So, where were these gators?

All the way in the back behind a large glass case were 6 baby gators, 3 stacked on top each other, facing the other three opposite them – heads held high. So much for giant highway signs advertising pint-sized gators in a glass case!

The center is a gift shop with freshly squeezed orange juice for sampling. The sign said one cup (they were small) per customer, so I held on to that one cup and refilled it. That counts, right? It was good, by the way – as were the free orange and tangerine slices outside.

Worth the visit? Sure, if you like oranges. Don’t stop solely for the gators, though – you will be slightly disappointed. Slightly.

Look at this little guy – so proud

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