Hollywood! The Florida One

Hollywood, Florida teased us with its tree-lined streets and beach-y ways (or waves). It was the perfect setting in which to relax and spend the afternoon, if time were on our side, that is. Determined, we were, to finally step foot on the beach before our event that day. I could see the water just feet away from the parking lot. Again, it was mind-boggling to think that while we were here frolicking through sand, our friends up North were trudging through yet another serving of snow.

Our time on the beach was brief, but refreshing, but brief. Work began at 2:30, so we absorbed as much of the blues and sand that we could before rushing through lunch and hopping in the car. Without sufficient time to sit down and eat, we ordered burritos at the cute shack we sighted on our way in – Taco Beach Shack – a popular and highly favored (according to the Internet) outdoor dining spot in the area that uses cabbage instead of lettuce. Interesting. It would have been nice to sit and dine, but time.


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