Wizardry and Florida

SUN. It exists. Not only does the sun exist, but a welcoming warmth accompanies it, too. Some may call it humidity, but tomato, po-tah-toe. We broke out the swimsuits and tank tops for some well-deserved time outside by the pool after a long drive from South Carolina. Sorry, friends up North. While we shimmied around in sun, they geared up for yet another round of snow.

The shimmy was short-lived, though. The wizard across the street from our hotel decided that it was time for some winds and rain, so he conjured the natural forces to bring forth dark clouds and lightning. We’d been indoors for hours now with no plans of going outside, anyways. Take that, gift shop – one of many along our street.

As is the case on a trip like this one, where work is our priority and exploration an added bonus, our scope of a place is cut short by time and skewed by highways, hotels, and in the case of Kissimmee, gift shops. Even in the hotel, however, one could clearly note the change of demographic in Florida. Oh what a difference a few exits make.


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