Shwanky Savannah, Georgia

On our way to Florida, we made a quick stop in Savannah, Georgia. Our Atlanta event was cancelled due to bad weather, so in an effort to maintain continuity (you know, touching all states along the way), we took a detour.

What a difference in surroundings! There were shutter windows on colored houses, and everything just seemed so southern – whatever that means. Large oak trees shaded the streets as we made our way downtown. The houses were more expensive, the restaurants more chic, and the people a little more middle-class than those we had passed just some minutes back.

We visited the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, a beautiful building from 1873.

A woman at the cathedral suggested we eat at South Soho Cafe, a hip, open-space restaurant in downtown Savannah with beautiful decor and a bourgeoise crowd. At one point, I half-jokingly asked the waitress if it’d be possible to get the restaurant attendees to sing happy birthday to one of the interns when she returned, but she gave us a look, to which I responded, “Ohh, it’s not one of those, restaurants, huh?” With a quick look around at the restaurant, I couldn’t imagine this crowd happily joining in random birthday celebration, anyways. Maybe they would have – who knows? But then again, maybe they wouldn’t. I dropped the idea shortly after. It was a nice thought.

I misheard the daily special, thinking it was potato stuffed with crab and decorated with other things. Much to my disappointment, it was TOMATO – one measly, $12 tomato, at that. The presentation was lovely, but I do not like tomatoes, at all. Thankfully, I was able to swap my fancy tomato for a delicious grilled chicken panini. As an added bonus, we received free bread pudding for the birthday girl, which we all shared, of course. It was absolutely amazing.

Fancy tomato lunch special
Ridiculously delicious bread pudding

Just when I thought this place was hip enough, our waitress brought us our checks in mason jars. I mean, c’mon. Hip.


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