“It’s finally here! Three other interns and I are off on an adventure across the United States with the National History Bee. We will travel from state to state to state to host history competitions in elementary and middle schools across the country. When we’re not working, we will be exploring, of course!”

I wrote this draft weeks ago, and I haven’t touched it since. You’d think I’d learn from various missed opportunities to keep a blog about my travels, but, yet again, this proves difficult. So, here I go backtracking until I’m all caught up.

We’re already three weeks into this internship, trip, adventure, whathaveyou. The days move from one Interstate to the next, another Comfort Inn to the next, and a history bee regional champion to the next, between which I forget to log the day’s journey. We began in Spartanburg, SC, so I’ll start there.


“Hub City,” it’s called. It  makes sense – Spartanburg is a collection of highways with pockets of civilization here and there and shopping plazas every few miles or so. Places to eat? Try Zaxby’s for all your chicken needs (I recommend the house salad), or La Taverna (great staff) for a little bit of Italian.

Spartanburg lacked a sense of culture or community, but our preference for highways is partly to blame.

There is life in Spartanburg, I’m sure.

Learn more about the National History Bee, here.

3 thoughts on “ROAD TRIP. USA.

    1. It is quite the opportunity! I never knew it existed, either, until I stumbled upon the internship. You should see how excited these students are – it’s really cute.

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