Diego, El Borracho

“Pues, si no cantas, te beso.”

I laughed. Diego laughed. I then told him that I was meeting a friend (I wasn’t), so without resistance, he bid me farewell.

I was in Guanajuato, Guanajuato at the time and enjoying every moment. See photos here. There was a street concert happening some 30 minute walk from my host family’s home, so I grabbed my bag and went off on my own, at night. This would certainly not fly in San Jose, Costa Rica. I’d probably get mugged. But this wasn’t San Jose, and I’d most likely be alright as long as I stuck to the main, populated roads. Everything was fine.

I walked down Avenida Sopeña toward El Teatro Juarez, and turned right into El Jardín de la Unión – lively as usual. A guy sitting on a bench invited me to take his photograph. He then asked for my name and for me to sit down. I responded. I sat down. He offered me his tequila, contained in a large, white soda cup with a straw. I declined, several times. He carried a guitar, so I asked him to play me a song. He did, with drunken eyes and words selected just for me. He told me that morenas have sabor, and that they sing well. I wasn’t that morena, but Diego insisted that I sing. I assured him that I could not and did not sing [well], but he told me that it was in my blood, en mi sangre. I tried to convince him, but he moved from my blood to my lips, telling me that they were perfect for singing. “No puedo cantar,” to which he responded, “pues, si no cantas, te beso.” We laughed. We said our goodbyes.


Thank you, Diego, for five minutes of your time.


6 thoughts on “Diego, El Borracho

  1. now this is getting weird 🙂

    I have a photo of Diego as well ( other than the Mariachi picture), I think. The similarity is quite uncanny. I did not ask his name but he told me he was an anthropology student !

    and I am beginning to wonder we might have a few more portraits in common!

    1. Oh goodness! This is absolutely amazing 😀 And this is why Guanajuato is so great. Well, since he was so drunk the night we met, we didn’t go into any deep conversations, as you can see. Wow, what a coincidence. Also, I THINK his name is Diego – I could be wrong.

      We may just have some other photos in common! That would be cool. Did you see a man on a curb playing rock songs on his guitar?

      1. well.that information wont help because we were at the peak of holiday season – between Christmas and New year, there was always a singer or a band playing all through the day and night 🙂

        I looked at your photos in the other post but couldnt recall another face. We will see as I post more photos in the coming days if we have another hit 🙂

      2. Good point. Having all those people in the streets gives it such a great atmosphere. Yes, we will see. Who knows? Two photo matches is still a great coincidence, though.

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