Weekly Photo Challenge: One

Sometimes it works – in fleeting moments when you’ve got but one chance to capture the right image, and you do. Many times, however, it takes various tries to get THE shot. You know, the one with which you are finally satisfied after so many tries that you were just about ready to give up on your efforts (but probably wouldn’t because, you know, it’s all about getting that one image).

I lived in Ely during my second year, an old college residence hall with a creepy basement.

The door next to the laundry room was suddenly open one day, revealing nothing more than a small space with leaky pipes and some chairs. I crouched in this dimly lit space for quite some time, trying to capture a splash. I was tired and annoyed at all the “not quite, almost there” photos that I’d have to delete. Eventually, though, I snapped one that released me of this self-imposed responsibility. In photo taking, there is rarely just one – not until the end, at least.

Leaky Pipe


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: One

      1. Your welcome. No one is never alone, there is always the essence of the past from peoples memories, from their energies left behind when they moved forward including yours. 🙂

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