Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

I never quite followed the Occupy Wall Street movement, but it was interesting to pass these crowds on the streets of NY. Okay, I lie. My friends and I did, actually, follow a group of “occupants” once to the 7th precinct, where their friend was taken prisoner earlier that morning. We stood amongst them as they shouted their words of solidarity and trailed behind as everyone crossed the streets of Chinatown to the final destination. It was cold, and after about 20 minutes of observing this group yell outside the precinct, we went about our scheduled exploration. Anyways, I digress. Their group sizes had dwindled down come December 2011, but still they stood, sat, and lay together in the name of protest.

"Mic check, mic check"
“Mic check, mic check”
This man and his cat, Moogan, had been out in the cold for days (or maybe weeks. I don’t remember), he said. He held a tin can that read “99% Happy Holidays. Donations. God Bless”


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