Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers


Kyle of Lochalsh, Scotland. View from the Eilean Donan Castle. In a setting so “dull” by weather standards, there were still so many colors and layers created by the changing landscapes.


Portree, Scotland. Layers of value and texture.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

  1. You never guess where I live? I know Eilean Donan Castle really well, one of my clients used to be the custodian for many years as well as the hotelier of the property that looked over it from the hill side.
    I live on the east coast, 11 miles from the sea 10 miles from the hills and 5 minute walk from a 11th century complete round tower, one of only two left, as well as a 11th century alms house and a 14th century cathedral. When you come back to Scotland, let me know and I will be your guide, guide to the real Scotland where there is not a set of plastic bagpipes to be seen.
    I live 11 miles from http://www.rainbow-photography.net/arbroath-abbey/
    and 25 miles from http://mysoresoul.co.uk/castle-in-the-air/ I worked here in the summer as a guide (mysoresoul.co.uk is my other blog)
    You can email me blog(at)rainbow-photography.net

    1. Amazing! How lovely it must be to live so close to these sights. I only visited Scotland for 2 weeks and spent most of my time in Edinburgh, but my oh my! That country is stunning. I will absolutely visit again – there is so much I did not have the chance to see!

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